The Dancing with the Stars duo has turned their professional partnership into a full-on romance


Love is officially in the air!

In an exclusive clip of Monday’s episode of Dancing with the Stars, pro-dancer Alan Bersten opens up about his true feelings for his celeb partner Alexis Ren, who revealed that she’s crushing on the 24-year-old during last week’s episode.

“Last week, some things were said,” Bersten says to Ren. “I’m in a place where, we worked so hard for this amazing journey together, and I’m afraid I will mess that up in some way. But I’ve never had an experience like this. It’s so easy to just hang out with you and have fun and not worry about everything else. I know that you put yourself out there last weekend, and I do have feelings for you. And I really feel like I am falling for you.”

“After I opened up last week, I felt a little bit embarrassed,” Ren says. “But now that we had this talk this week, I feel really good that everything’s out in the open.”

And to top off the cute moment, they share a sweet kiss at the end of the clip.

Credit: ABC

During week 6 of DWTS, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue’s Rookie of the Year revealed that she is “developing feelings” for her pro dancing partner.

“Alan, he’s awesome. He’s super outgoing. He’s definitely been a really good reflection for me to not take myself so seriously,” she explained on last week’s episode.

“It’s so much fun to dance with someone that you have a connection with. It’s almost like time slows down,” said Ren, 21. “We communicate not just through our steps and our movements, but with our hearts, too.”

Credit: Alexis Ren/Instagram

“I am developing feelings for Alan,” she admitted. “And I didn’t see this one coming. But it happened really quickly, though, so I think I’m still trying to process it.”

During rehearsal, Ren addressed the “elephant in the room.”

“We have chemistry,” she told him. “And so I just needed to point that out.”

Bersten’s reaction? “Sitting next to Alexis on the couch and her telling me how she feels, my emotions were all over the place. You know, it was a lot to take in,” he said.

He too acknowledged that the duo has “really strong chemistry.”

“Alexis’ smile lights up the room,” he said of Ren. “You know, she’s funny, she’s kind, she has a huge heart. I want to be 100 percent certain before I tell her how I’m feeling. I have a lot to think about.”

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.