Watch Dwayne Johnson and Jimmy Fallon's 1989 Graduation Speech

The San Andreas star stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday


Forget about those celebrity commencement speeches, the only words you need to hear come from the Oneonta High School Class of 1989’s two students with the lowest GPAs: Bobby Ristick and Logan Duffy.

In a segment on Thursday’s Tonight Show, Ristick (Jimmy Fallon) and Duffy (Dwayne Johnson) shared some of the wisdom they gained from their “eight years at this high school” in their graduation speech.

“First off, focus on the future, don’t get caught up in fads that won’t last, like computers. You really think a dumb box of wires is going to be around in 10 years?” said Duffy.

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Then Ristick (who sounded a lot like Mike Myers as Wayne Campbell in Wayne’s World) added, “Once we leave, a lot of us will never see each other again. What do you think, that one day we’re all going to keep in touch using some magical book with a bunch of faces in it? What would you even call it?”

“I’d call it a big sack of never gonna happen,” Duffy added.

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