'Counting On' : Duggar Family Celebrates 6 Pregnancies — and Mourns Death of Grandma Mary

Counting On returns Oct. 15 on TLC

The Duggar family is coming together to mourn the tragic loss of one of their own.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming episodes of Counting On, premiering Oct. 15, the Duggars deal with the unexpected loss of grandma Mary Leona Duggar, who died on June 9 at age 78 after accidentally drowning in a swimming pool.

As footage rolls of the family in tears at her funeral, Jim Bob Duggar reveals in a confessional how he learned about the death of his mother.

“I got a call and Deanna said, ‘Do you mind coming over quickly, Mom has passed away,'” he recalls, referencing his sister, who found Mary in the pool.

The Duggars then attend the burial, as one family member says in a voiceover, “You just never know how much longer you have.”

Counting On

Although the family is struck with tragedy, the sneak peek also teases happier times for the TLC stars in the episodes to come, including the six Duggar women that are expecting.

Couples Jessa (Duggar) Seewald and husband Ben Seewald, Josiah Duggar and wife Lauren, Joseph Duggar and wife Kendra, Joy-Anna Duggar and husband Austin, and Josh Duggar and wife Anna all announce to their family that they are expecting children.

But when the five women come together for a maternity photo shoot, they are surprised by the arrival of John David Duggar‘s wife Abbie, who reveals she is pregnant as well.

“Hey girls!” she says. “Can I join your shoot?”

Counting On

Jessa and Ben welcomed their daughter, Ivy Jane, on June 20. Tragically, Joy-Anna and Austin lost their daughter after Joy-Anna miscarried 20 weeks in.

In the sneak peek, family matriarchs Jim Bob and Michelle take on babysitting duties to watch their many, many, grandchildren, as their kids enjoy a night out for themselves.

“Hopefully nobody will end up in the hospital,” jokes Jim Bob, who currently shares 19 children and 13 grandchildren with his wife.

Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo, meanwhile, embarks on a new chapter in her life alongside husband Jeremy Vuolo, as the couple relocates to Los Angeles with their daughter Felicity, 14 months.

And when the time comes for Jessa to give birth to her third child, things don’t go as planned: “We were very caught off-guard with my water breaking,” says Jessa, who gave birth on her couch at home.

“The bleeding’s not really stopping on its own,” she adds in a confessional, as the cameras capture the moment she is wheeled off to the hospital after giving birth.

Counting On returns Oct. 15 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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