Instead of the drama that often comes with reality TV, Robertson says the show has brought his family "a whole lot closer"

By People Staff
Updated July 28, 2013 10:25 AM
Courtesy PARADE

Being on the No. 1 nonfiction cable series could easily create egos for a show’s stars, but such is not the case for the faces of A&E’s Duck Dynasty.

“It’s probably the opposite of most reality shows,” Willie Robertson, son of Dynasty patriarch Phil, tells Parade in this weekend’s issue, explaining that the show – which is about a Louisiana-based family that became wealthy by making products geared toward hunters – has in fact brought his clan of five and their extended brood “a whole lot closer.”

Adds Robertson, “Nobody gets a big head because we’re doing it all together.”

In fact, one of Phil’s other sons, Jase, still hasn’t grasped the idea of fame yet. He expressed shock over the throngs of fans that the Duck Commander’s warehouse attracts.

“I told Missy, my wife, the only person I’d stand in line for is God Almighty,” Jase said. “You made the universe? All right, I’ll get in line!”

But as positive as the experience has been, Phil says it will be “not long” before he leaves the program. He is confident, though, that “it’ll go on without me.”