How Getting Kicked Out of a Hotel Helped 'Duck Dynasty' 's Jase Robertson Form a Friendship with the Trumps

Plus, how the incident led to him bonding with Donald Trump Jr.


Before Jase Robertson‘s younger brother Willie was hitting the campaign trail with Donald Trump, the older Duck Dynasty star came to know Trump and his family in a slightly less pleasant circumstance.

“I was here in New York a couple of years ago, and I get escorted out of of the Trump hotel that I was staying in,” the Duck Dynasty star tells PEOPLE Now. “But a guy, when I asked him where the bathroom is, he looked at me, and thought, ‘Right this way,’ and he grabbed my arm, took me outside and pointed at Central Park and said, ‘Have a nice day.’ ”

When word of the incident got back to the Trumps, they immediately called Robertson to apologize and told him to contact them the next time the family was in town. Well, naturally, Robertson took them up on that offer.

In addition to enjoying some pretty sweet perks, Robertson ended up bonding with Trump’s son Donald Jr.

“We actually really hit it off because he has a heart for kids with the same condition as Mia,” Robertson said, referring to his daughter’s cleft lip and palate. “I had no idea of that at the time, and when I learned that and saw what Willie did, I was like, ‘Well, anyone who has a heart for kids with cleft lip and palate is a positive on my list.'”

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So, does that mean Robertson, 46, will be joining his brother at a Trump rally any time soon? Let’s just say he’s keeping an open mind when it comes to choosing a new president.

“I think we have a good crop [of candidates] this year – a lot of good people to choose from – so I’m excited about the process.”

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