"If I could kill myself and people would forgive me, I would," says the bounty hunter

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated November 07, 2007 09:20 AM

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane “Dog” Chapman says if committing suicide would right the wrong he’s committed, then he would do it.

“If I could kill myself and people would forgive me, I would do that,” Chapman, 54, said during a Tuesday night Hannity & Colmes interview on the FOX News Channel – his first interview since the release of a taped telephone conversation with his son Tucker, in which Chapman used racially charged language to dress down his son for dating a black woman.

Adding that “I hope no one died thinking I meant that word,” Chapman also said, “Of course, all black people in America I owe an apology to. Whether how dark I think I am, I cannot say that word.”

He continued, “I owe the rest of the people, whether they’re black or not in America, an apology, because people looked up to me. I’ve learned a lesson. All my lessons I’ve learned in my life have been the hard way, or I guess I wouldn’t learn them. This is one of the hardest lessons I’ve ever learned in my life, even facing death.”

The Girlfriend Speaks Up

Because of the content of Chapman’s phone call, A&E Network this week announced it had suspended airings of his series – a decision that has been supported by Tucker Chapman’s girlfriend, Monique Shinnery, who was quoted on Hannity & Colmes as saying, “I believe that Duane is a racist, because I’ve heard many times what he says about me. Not just this one time but a lot of things he says and a lot of things he does.”

She added, “I think it was good for A&E to take him off the air, because he portrays to be a role model and he’s not. He’s the exact opposite.”

Chapman responded by saying, “I have never met her. She’s a cute little girl. I didn’t know that. I never knew what she looked like.” To Shinnery, Chapman said, “Just, you know, I’m so sorry, honey, I’m so sorry. I’m not like that. You know that. I’m very sorry.”

‘I Should Have Never, Ever …’

Chapman additionally said that his taped phone chat with his son was actually eight months old, and that he thinks his son was paid $15,000 for it by the National Enquirer. “That’s the alleged rumor,” he said.

The TV interview also revealed that Tucker has spent time behind bars “for robbing a tourist with a BB gun. [He] got a 20-year sentence for armed robbery,” said his father.

Looking back upon the entire incident, Chapman said, “I never did it out of hate. This sounds so stupid. I always did it out of love. Other white guys would be like, ‘Boy, who does Dog think he is? Dog can say that.’ And black guys would be with me and walk with me and respect me. So I went too far with that. I got – I should have never, ever …”