Duane 'Dog' Chapman Returns with a New Series as Wife Beth 'Fights for Her Life'

Beth Chapman is battling throat cancer for the second time

Duane “Dog” Chapman is back and looking for vengeance.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive trailer for WGN’s upcoming series Dog’s Most Wanted, the famed bounty hunter and his wife Beth Chapman — who is currently battling throat cancer for the second time— return with a strong-worded message for those who are on the run.

“Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman here,” he says in the clip. “My wife, the love of my life, is fighting for her life. Instead of being at home helping her, I’m out here looking for you. I’m warning you in advance. May God have mercy on you when I get you, because I won’t.”

“You’ve been warned,” adds Beth.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is Back with a New Series

According to the network, Chapman and his elite team of professionals, The Dirty Dozen, are coming to the network in pursuit of Dog’s ‘bucket list’ of most wanted fugitives in this thrilling new series. Dog’s Most Wanted marks the first unscripted series on WGN America in over five years.

As they prepare for their new adventure, the duo will continue to fight a personal battle behind the scenes.

Beth, 51, was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer in September 2017 — a disease that, two months later, she and Duane told fans had been completely removed.

Unfortunately, the cancer returned last year. Beth was rushed to the hospital in Los Angeles in November for an emergency surgery to clear a throat blockage that was obstructing her airways, and was once again hospitalized in April, this time in Hawaii.

Addressing churchgoers on Mother’s Day, Beth admitted her diagnosis has been “the ultimate test of faith.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter is Back with a New Series
Beth Chapman. WGN

“I don’t go to God and go, ‘Why did I get cancer?’ ” she said. “He’ll roll his eyes at me again, because I know why — because this is the ultimate test of faith. It is the evidence of things hoped for and it is the substance of things not known.”She also seemingly alluded to having stopped chemotherapy treatments.

“Chemotherapy is not my bag, people. Sorry, that’s not for me,” she said. “So for me, this is the ultimate test of faith. This is my ultimate lesson. And it will either be taught to me or to you. And I am fine with taking the hit for everyone else. Because I think I know another guy who did the same thing.”

Dog’s Most Wanted is coming soon to WGN.

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