The reality star also said in a recent New York Times profile that he's "broke"

Duane “Dog” Chapman is disputing a false report that he died by suicide.

On Monday, the bounty hunter and Dog’s Most Wanted reality star, 66, blasted a seemingly fake report that claimed he “died of suicide after depression attack on his sickness.”

“Not so fast HATERS,” Dog wrote on Instagram alongside a screenshot of the presumably photoshopped headline, which stated “R.I.P Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman.”

Last week, Dog, whose wife Beth died in June from cancer complications, said in a new profile for the New York Times that he’s “broke.”

Dog has taken a hit financially due to years of medical bills and being the patriarch of his famous family. He will also have to pay $1.5 million if he cannot track down a fugitive from Hawaii who has fled to California, according to the profile.

Dog is also currently without a television contract, the outlet reports.

“This is the big moment,” Dog said when asked what’s next. “That’s the big question.”

The reality star further admitted that he’s lonelier than ever in the wake of Beth’s death. “I need the attention. I wake up every day and say, ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest bounty hunter of them all?’ I need love.”

Amy Weiss, Dog’s manager at Brillstein Entertainment, also shared in the NYT profile that the bounty hunter is “very lonely.”

“I was there at many points in the hospital with him, and it was very difficult,” Weiss said. “He’s lost, but he knows he must go on and provide for his family.”

Duane 'Dog' Chapman Gives Tearful Interview After Wife Beth Chapman's Death
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Beth and Duane Chapman

Beth, who was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer in September 2017, died on June 26 at the age of 51. In an interview with PEOPLE Now in October, Dog said he was nowhere near ready to date again.

“Not that I have, but you know, it’s not worth it,” he explained. “I don’t want to tell the whole story about my mom, my dad and my life and all that stuff again to a new person. Not yet.”

But Dog fueled dating rumors earlier this month when he shared an Instagram selfie of himself and Moon Angell, a longtime friend of the famous family. Fans flooded the post with supportive comments, assuming the two were a couple.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Debuts New Girlfriend — But His Daugher Is Feuding with Her on Social Media
Moon Angell and Duane Chapman
| Credit: Duane Lee Chapman/Instagram

Moon Angell and Duane Chapman

However, a source close to Dog told PEOPLE they are not dating.

“Moon has been a family friend to Beth and Dog for years,” the source said. “Since Beth’s death, she has stepped in to help Dog in his time of need. There will never be another Beth.”

In another interview with PEOPLE Now in August, Dog said while he’s open to love again, he will never re-marry.

“I will never get married,” he said. “And [Beth] said to me, ‘We are human, okay?’ And probably the same thing I’d say to her: ‘I know you’re gonna have a boyfriend, I hope you have 10, but don’t go fricking marry one, and say those words. Don’t you dare do that.’ I would say that, and she did say that to me.”