The interview will be included in the Oct. 4 DVD release of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: The Vault Series

By People Staff
Updated October 03, 2016 10:10 AM
Credit: Time Life/Carson Entertainment Group

It’s a blast from the past!

Soon to be released as part of a brand-new DVD collection, PEOPLE has an exclusive sneak peek of Johnny Carson‘s Late Night interview with a drunk Dean Martin that hasn’t been seen since it originally hit airwaves.

In the clip, Martin – who is clearly intoxicated – is quick to offer the veteran late-night talk show host some tips on his opening monologue.

“You wanna know why your monologue don’t go over?” Martin questions Carson.

“It was a smash tonight,” Carson responds.

“Well tonight I didn’t see it,” Martin quips back.

“It’s cause he don’t cock his wrist and you keep your eyes off the cue board,” Martin explains before correcting himself, “Cue cards.”

The singer then proceeds to ask the longtime host how frequently he works on the nightly program, which Carson responds with a laugh, “I’m here four nights a week.”

“You’re a guest tonight,” Carson tells the inebriated musician.

Audiences then realize that there is not just one, but two guests sitting in for the interview.

“We’re guests,” Martin says to a listening Bob Hope.

“I’m just waiting for a bus,” Hope jokes.

The comedic video is part of a brand-new DVD collection of interviews that will be available for purchase in stores on Oct. 4. Not seen since their original broadcast, the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: The Vault Series features some of the late-night host’s best interviews in the six DVD set.