When not singing, the 14-year-old has other plans for her future

By Jessica Wedemeyer
December 03, 2011 10:45 AM
Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup

The judges sent Drew Ryniewicz packing when she failed to move them with her “save me” song during The X Factor‘s double elimination sing-off Thursday night.

But the 14-year-old hasn’t given up her dream of eventually making it big in the music biz – or of pursuing a secondary career as a fashion designer.

“I actually really want to have a clothing line,” Drew told reporters following her elimination from the competition. “Every singer has something else on the side that they do – whether it be a clothing line [or something else] – everybody has something.”

Drew caught the judges’ attention – sometimes in a negative way – earlier in the season, when she took a hand in styling herself for the show. “That dress is awful,” critiqued judge Paula Abdul last month, before learning the contestant designed the look herself.

“I want to have a clothing line because I’ve got a lot of haters for my clothes and a lot of lovers for my clothes,” says Drew. “I want my clothing line to be a clothing line for everybody who wants to wear something that’s not necessarily the style of the moment.

While she usually sports what she describes as a “country girl” dress to the X Factor‘s elimination shows, her looks during the competition have included fringed jeans, a boldly striped dress and the “poofy dress” maligned by Abdul.

Despite her intentions to create a diversified collection, Drew admits there will be one signature to her line: lots and lots of feathers, which she says “are a huge thing for me. I don’t like to kill animals, so they’d probably be fake feathers all the time.”