'Dancing with the Stars' Winner Drew Lachey Teases Brother Nick on His Scores: 'I Never Got 6s!'

Unlike his younger brother Drew, Nick Lachey's Dancing with the Stars journey didn't end with a Mirrorball Trophy

Nothing like a little sibling rivalry!

Unlike his younger brother Drew, Nick Lachey‘s Dancing with the Stars journey didn’t end with a Mirrorball Trophy — and of course, that led to a little good-hearted teasing when PEOPLE Now caught up with the brothers and their reunited boy band, 98 Degrees.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Nick, 44, who was eliminated on week 4 of the most recent season of the ABC dance competition series.

“It was a lot of work — it was lot more work than I actually thought going into it,” he confessed. “It’s physically taxing, but also just mentally and emotionally exhausting. But it was definitely a challenge that I’m glad I took on. No regrets at all.”

Drew — who won season 2 of the series in 2006 — said he thought his brother “did great.”

“I just tried to be encouraging,” said Drew, 41. “He improved every week, which is what you want to see. I mean, you have people that come in there and they’re great week 1, and they’re still great week 9, 10, whatever. But you could definitely see improvement with [Nick].”

“He’d see my scores and I’d get the text — ‘How you doing?’ ” said Nick with a laugh.

“He was like, ‘What’d you do when you got 6s?’ ” recalled Drew. “I was like, ‘I don’t know — I never got 6s!’ ”

“I think I got some of yours — they were 9s, they just had them upside down,” joked Nick. “They were confused!”

Nick Lachey
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Of course, Nick was also up against his wife Vanessa, and Drew revealed that he initially split his votes each week between his brother and his sister-in-law — until it “became apparent” that Nick needed them more.

“What?! No wonder I went down,” said Nick, feigning outrage.

“Vanessa started to have pity, too,” he added. “She was like, ‘Everybody, just give all your votes to Nick. He needs them more than me.’ I didn’t fight it at all — I was like, ‘Yes, bring them!’ “

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