"She's so sweet yet so evil," Josh Peck captioned a photo of himself and Miranda Cosgrove

Drake & Josh reunion!

Eleven years after the Nickelodeon show wrapped its four-season run, stars Miranda Cosgrove and Josh Peck are all grown up and reunited off-screen.

On Thursday, both Peck (who starred as Josh Nichols) and Cosgrove (who starred as Megan Parker) shared photos to their respective Instagram accounts from their surprise get-together on Wednesday.

“Got to see an old boob and make a new friend yesterday! @shuapeck @daviddobrik,” Cosgrove, 25, captioned multiple photos of herself alongside Peck and Vlogger David Dobrik.

“She’s so sweet yet so evil,” Peck, 31, wrote on Instagram.

Dobrik also captioned a shot of the trio, “This is what my dreams look like.”

The reunion was organized by Dobrik, who reached out to Cosgrove to surprise Peck. “I haven’t seen Josh in four years, five years,” Cosgrove said in a YouTube video filmed by Dobrik.

“It’s good to see you. Sorry I didn’t invite you to my wedding. Thanks for not tweeting about it,” Peck told Cosgrove when they sat down together, hinting at past drama with Drake & Josh costar Drake Bell.

Last summer, Peck married his longtime girlfriend Paige O’Brien on June 18 — apparently without inviting Bell. Reacting to the news, Bell expressed his displeasure in a series of since-deleted tweets. They have since ended the drama and are officially friends again.

Over the summer, Peck and O’Brien announced that they will soon be entering another new season of life: parenthood!

“Oh baby. Literally, there’s a baby in there. Love u @paigeobrienn,” Peck captioned an Instagram photo of the couple, featuring O’Brien’s baby bump that is visible under a pretty polka-dot dress.

Wrote O’Brien on her post, sharing the same snapshot as well as a close-up of her belly from the side, “We’re havin’ a baby!”

Peck’s engagement first made news in March 2016, with O’Brien sharing a smiling — and possibly flipped — photo of the two (and her massive cushion-cut engagement ring with a diamond halo).