Drake Bell Just Did the TikTok 'Wipe It Down' Challenge with a Callback to His Nickelodeon Days

Drake Bell starred on The Amanda Show from 1999 to 2002

Drake Bell Just Did the TikTok ‘Wipe It Down’ Challenge with a Callback to His Nickelodeon Days
Photo: Drake Bell/TikTok (2)

Drake Bell is still totally in touch with his Nickelodeon roots.

On Monday, the actor shared a hilarious rendition of the new viral “Wipe It Down” challenge circulating on TikTok, in which users clean off a mirror to reveal an alter ego.

In the short clip, the 33-year-old is seen standing in the bathroom in a white t-shirt with his hair slicked back while holding a washcloth and a bottle of Windex before spraying the mirror to unveil his second persona.

After wiping down the mirror once, Bell is transformed into his character Totally Kyle from The Amanda Show.

To channel the laid-back hippie surfer personality, Bell threw on a classic tie-dye t-shirt and a long wavy blonde wig and smiled into the mirror.

Bell pretended to be shocked at the transformation and looked down at his cloth with confusion before throwing it at the mirror and walking off the screen.

The Drake and Josh star garnered over 622,000 likes — and counting — on the video, exciting so many Nickelodeon fans that the actor began trending on Twitter.

Social media users were quick to react to the nostalgic clip, sharing their love for Bell's nod to The Amanda Show sketch.

"OMFG he just won the whole challenge," one user wrote.

Another person added, "This is exactly what my millennial self needed," while another claimed that "the kids on tiktok aren't old enough for this."

One fan referenced one of Totally Kyle's famously-bad stories about when he saw a spider.

"And I was like "AAAAAHHHH SPIDER" and the spider was like "AAAAAHHHH KYLE," the user wrote.

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