RHOP's Dr. Wendy Osefo Refuses to Apologize to Ashley Darby: 'I Don't Deal with Fake B—'

Dr. Wendy Osefo was angry that Ashley Darby brought her baby on a girls trip, and she wasn't given the same opportunity

Ashley Darby and Dr. Wendy Osefo are "done" with each other — for now.

Things between the women came to a head on Sunday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac after Ashley, 32, showed up to the girls trip at Monique Samuels' lake house with her baby son Dean.

Wendy welcomed daughter Kamrynn with husband Edward Osefo just two weeks after Ashley gave birth to her son. As she recently explained to PEOPLE, she felt upset because she would have brought her baby along had she known she could — especially since it was her first time being away from Kamrynn. However, on the episode the women didn't exactly understand her frustration, pointing out that Ashley is a first-time mom, whereas Wendy is a mother of three.

"Does seeing baby Dean make you miss your baby?" Karen Huger asked.

"It's a girls weekend," Wendy said.

"My husband has to go to work, "Ashley replied.

"My husband has to go to work too, but my husband spends time with the kids," Wendy, 36, fired back.

"[My husband] owns his own company," Ashley responded, to which Wendy said: "My husband is an attorney."

"I know how much I suffered and sacrificed to be here, I pumped around the clock, just so I could spend the weekend with you ladies, so I know it can be done. I don't have sympathy for her saying she's a new mother," Wendy continued.

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"Mind your f------ business," Ashley yelled.

The tension continued between Ashley and Wendy at dinner later in the evening.

"I am a tough nut to crack," Wendy said, prompting Monique, 36, to bring up what had happened upon Ashley's arrival.

"That was all caused by you," Gizelle Bryant told Wendy, accusing her of freaking out on Ashley unprovoked.

"No, it was not," Wendy said. "I am a new mom myself, and so it touched a sensitive spot."

"You were ferocious!" Ashley chimed in, which Wendy denied.

"I was passionate," Wendy said.

"You brought my husband into the equation," Ashley said. "It was not a conversation between you and me. You decided to pop off when [Gizelle] mentioned Michael."

"I didn't pop off. I told you how I felt," Wendy said, adding, "What's very clear is your issue is not with what I said, it's my delivery."

"Was is stressful or frustrating for you to get here?" Robyn Dixon asked Wendy.

"Yeah!" Wendy said.

"So, the frustration and the stress was behind that energy," Robyn, 41, said.

"And you took it out on Ashley," Gizelle, 49, added.

When the women asked if Wendy felt she owed Ashley an apology, she said no.

"You just admitted that you acted out of frustration and yet you can't tell me that you apologize?" Ashley said.

"I don't think it warrants an apology," Wendy asserted.

Perplexed, Ashley asked: "You see nothing wrong with how you communicated earlier?"

Candiace Dillard, who has been friends with Wendy since before she joined the show, later came to her defense.

"She did say that maybe she was a little aggressive in her delivery," Candiace, 33, said.

Still, Ashley wasn't convinced.

"I'm good on you," Ashley told Wendy.

"It's done," Wendy agreed.

Robyn later chimed in and asked Wendy if she would have apologized to anyone else other than Ashley under those circumstances.

"No," Wendy insisted.

"That's why you don't have a lot of female friends!" Ashley yelled.

Wendy became heated, responding: "No, I don't have a lot of female friends because —."

"Bye, Wendy!" Ashley said.

"People don't call me Wendy. People like you call me Dr. Wendy. Address me correctly," Wendy said before the scene faded to black with a "to be continued ..." message.

Meanwhile, Candiace and Gizelle found themselves back in each others' good graces after getting into a heated discussion on last week's episode.

"Instead of coming to you, I went to Instagram, and for that I do apologize," Candiace said of calling Gizelle's house a "tear-down."

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The Real Housewives of Potomac. Sophy Holland/Bravo

Candiace explained that she was upset after Gizelle and Robyn laughed at her during a Bravo after-show.

"I appreciate your apology. This sounds like a real one," Gizelle said. "You were off the wedding list as of yesterday — not that we're engaged. In my mind, there's an A list and a B list. You're at least on the B."

(Gizelle and her ex-husband Jamal Bryant recently started seeing each other again.)

"I can work with that," Candiace said back.

"All right, we can hug it out," Gizelle responded as the two shared a sweet embrace.

"I do like Candiace. ...She's a lot of fun. She's like a nice little Chihuahua that you want to bring to the party," Gizelle said in a confessional interview.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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