Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Reunion! Watch Jane Seymour and Cast Reminisce 22 Years After Finale

Jane Seymour, who played Dr. Michael Quinn, shared a memory about the late Johnny Cash

It's a Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman reunion!

Twenty-two years after the series finale aired, the cast of the beloved family western drama reunited virtually.

During the recent Zoom gathering, which was shared with Entertainment Weekly, Jane Seymour (Dr. Michaela Quinn) and her costars — Joe Lando (Byron Sully), William Shockley (Hank Lawson), Chad Allen (Matthew Cooper), Shawn Toovey (Brian Cooper), Alley Mills (Marjorie Quinn), Frank Collison (Horace Bing), Henry Sanders (Robert E.), Jessica Bowman (Colleen Cooper), Jonelle Allen (Grace) and Jason Adams (Preston Lodge) — reminisced about their time together on the show.

Among the memories that were shared was one about Johnny Cash, who guest-starred as Kid Cole.

"I remember the time it was like 3 or 4 in the morning and we were filming in the little shed up somewhere and we had a pig sty. And June was sitting with me and all of us in the pig sty. And she was eating her dinner off of Meissen China with George and silver. And she said, 'Honey, I'm just too old and too rich and too famous to be doing this,' " Seymour, 69, recalled about Johnny's wife June Cash. "And I said, 'Sadly, I'm not.' "

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman cast reunion.

"She said, 'How do we speed this up?' And then Johnny looked at us and he took his prop guitar and he went into the set and he started serenading the crew," she remembered about the late musician.

"And they suddenly went super quiet. And they got that thing fixed super quick and they got a free concert by Johnny Cash. True story," Seymour said of Johnny, who appeared for four episodes from 1993-1997, according to IMDb.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. CBS Television/Everett

The series, which was created by Beth Sullivan, ran for six seasons from 1993-1998 and followed a doctor (Seymour) who moved to Colorado Springs to set up her medical practice in the 1860s.

Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Everett

The series earned Seymour a Golden Globe in 1996 and was nominated for numerous Emmys.

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