Dr. Phil McGraw and wife Robin took the stage during The Late Late Show's Monday episode for a rousing game of The Price Is Right's classic Cliff Hangers

By Jen Juneau
February 11, 2020 09:43 AM

Robin and Dr. Phil McGraw are well on their way to the Showcase Showdown!

The author and television personality, 69, and his wife of 43 years lived out their dream of being on The Price Is Right on Monday night during an appearance on The Late Late Show.

Before James Corden popped on a pair of specs to make a very convincing Drew Carey, he learned McGraw and Robin, 66, had spent their honeymoon attending tapings of the popular game show, then hosted by Bob Barker.

“And the amazing thing about this is you’re still married,” jokes Corden, 41, before McGraw — newly outfitted with a price tag name badge, just like the ones from the show — heads to the audience to join his wife.

After Corden appears back onstage to the tune of TPIR‘s upbeat theme song (holding a long microphone and wearing glasses similar to the game show’s host, Carey, 61), Reggie Watts expertly calls the couple up to take part in the game show fun.

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Dr. Phil McGraw and wife Robin
From L to R: Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil McGraw and James Corden

Luckily for Robin and her husband, they skip Contestant’s Row entirely and instead take the stage alongside Corden for a rousing game of Cliff Hangers— where the cliff-hanging traveler goes up the mountain depending on how accurately the contestants can guess the prices of the items presented.

“Where are you from and what do you do for a living?” Corden asks his contestants.

“We’re from Texas, actually, and I don’t do s—,” jokes McGraw, before his wife adds, “Not true, not true!”

Before beginning the game, the couple is presented with their potential grand prize: a brand-new sauna, shown off by a male model in shorts and a tank top.

From L to R: Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil McGraw and James Corden

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They then begin guessing costs on the items up for price interpretation: a can of hairspray, a wet-dry vacuum and a pressure cooker.

The couple guess $3 off from the hairspray, right on the nose for the vacuum and $20 off from the cooker — putting the mountain climber almost on top of the mountain without going over.

“That sauna is going home with Dr. Phil and Robin!” Corden yells over the music as the winners celebrate while heading over hand-in-hand to claim their prize.

“Not really, we’ve got to give it straight back to The Price Is Right in the break, but we’ll tell them later,” the host quips, before the shot cuts to McGraw sitting in the sauna with his wife, giving two thumbs up to the camera.