Family Feud! Dr. Oz and Daphne Oz Sound Off on Being Emmy Rivals and Why 'Outworking Everyone Else Is the Most Important Thing'

The father and daughter are nominated for outstanding informative talk show host

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Dr. Mehmet Oz and Daphne Oz are not only family – they’re also Emmy rivals!

The father, 55, and daughter, 30, are nominated in two of the same Daytime Emmy categories (outstanding informative talk show host and outstanding talk show )for the second year in a row. Daphne and her The Chew team won the talk show host honor 2015. This year, the pair are involved in a friendly wager. If Daphne wins, her father and his team must eat 1,000 calories of her delicious banana pudding, but if Dr. Oz wins, members of The Chew team will have to do one burpee for each year they’ve been alive.

Talk about high stakes!

Ahead of Sunday’s Emmys, where the two are presenting together, the Dr. Oz Show host and his The Chew co-host daughter opened up to PEOPLE about competing against family and who family matriarch Lisa Oz is really rooting for.

Dr. Oz, do you feel extra pressure since Daphne won the Emmy last year?
Dr. Oz: We are judged by how we improve the world. And the most important thing we do to improve it is to raise kids who are contributing. So I’m very proud of Daphne, mostly because of the two beautiful grandchildren she’s given us.

Daphne, what did you learn from watching your dad before you got into TV?
Daphne: My parents have taught all of their children that if you’re going to bother doing anything, you should do it the best you can. Raw talent is fine, but outworking everyone else is the most important thing.
Dr. Oz: With the kids, we’d compete with them in sports, and I would love watching them struggle with failure and then feel blissful when they overcame challenges. They were all taught at a young age to embrace their biggest fears.

What’s something you know about the other that your fans don’t know?


: My dad loves to eat. When we are on a family vacation where they have a local specialty – he’s not afraid to eat anything. He doesn’t waste any part of the animal. Baby back ribs are absolutely one of his weaknesses.
Dr. Oz: So good, with barbecue sauce they are so good.
Daphne: My mother-in-law makes a pretty sick version that he really likes. He loves to make triple batches of them for him.

Dr. Oz, your wife Lisa was rooting for Daphne last year. Is that the same this year?
Dr. Oz: Yes, and that carries a tremendous amount of karmic energy. Whomever she roots for seems to win.

If an Oz wins, how will you celebrate?

Dr. Oz:

We have lots of plans to be together in Miami in May. I know what gift I’m going to get Daphne already. The only gift I want back is more time with the grandkids.
Daphne: My dad and my mom are very playful parents. It broke his heart when his own kids got too old for bedtime stories. And I love to see him with both my daughter and my son. Seeing my parents get those playful moments a second time around is far and away one of my most rewarding moments as a parent.

What’s the best advice you’ve learned from the other?
Daphne: Work your butt off and have fun doing it. And collect people in your life who make you better, who make you happy.
Dr. Oz: Every time you give your kid something you didn’t have growing up, you take from them something that you did have. Which means the hardships that we have as we grow, the challenges we face, losing an Emmy award–
Daphne: [Laughs] I don’t think that’s a challenge most people struggle with …
Dr. Oz: I’m talking to my daughter specifically now!
Daphne: Oh, is that a threat? Is that a challenge? I have distinct recollections of you saying that to all of us. I see it now with my own children. I want to help them do everything. And you take away not only the gratification of having them do it themselves, but you take away the self sufficiency and the security they’ll have from knowing they can do it on their own.

The Dr. Oz Show airs weekdays (check local listings), and The Chew air weekdays (1 p.m. ET) on CBS.

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