NBC's chief medical editor is not expected to return to work for another month
Credit: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire

The 21-day quarantine period has ended for Dr. Nancy Snyderman of NBC – who was exposed to the Ebola virus in Liberia – but the network’s on-air chief medical editor is not expected to return to work for another month.

In a memo to the division, NBC News Chief Deborah Turness said Snyderman and her team will remain at home to “help restore normalcy to their lives.”

“They have cleared the range of time when Ebola symptoms typically appear the range can be between 2-21 days after exposure but the average time symptoms appear is between 8-10 days. They remain healthy and symptom-free, which is a great relief to all,” Turness wrote.

“While in Liberia Dr. Nancy and her team delivered first class, first-hand reporting from the front lines of this tragic and monumental story,” Turness continued. “Their subsequent departure from Monrovia, their return to the U.S. and period of quarantine has been a challenging time. We have encouraged them – and they have agreed – to take some time off with their families and friends to help restore some normalcy to their lives.”

She added, “We very much look forward to their return.”

Earlier this month, Snyderman apologized for breaching voluntary quarantine when she and two members of her crew were allegedly spotted in public while picking up a takeout order.

She and her team were placed under quarantine after Ashoko Mukpo, a cameraman hired to work with her in Africa, was diagnosed with Ebola. He received a clean bill of health Tuesday at the Nebraska Medical Center and even Tweeted support for Snyderman.

“Special shout out to Nancy Snyderman at NBC News,” he wrote. “For the record me and her were never within 3 feet of each other once. Be nice to her plz.”

For more information on Ebola, go to www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/.

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NBC Editor Apologizes For Ebola Quarantine Violation