Dr. Oz says the troubled, HIV-positive actor has been "making inroads" toward health and recovery, including a meet-up with a bipolar specialist filmed for The Dr. Oz Show

By Jeffrey Slonim
Updated February 11, 2016 12:55 PM
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Dr. Mehmet Oz is opening up about Charlie Sheen‘s breakthrough on-air admission that he might suffer from bipolar disorder.

“He’s making inroads,” Oz told PEOPLE on Wednesday at the premiere of the film Touched with Fire, which stars Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby as two bipolar poets, and which was written and directed by Paul Dalio, who is diagnosed with bipolar.

Acknowledging that Sheen, 50, has “made mistakes that have changed his life,” Oz also revealed what viewers can expect during the actor’s next appearance on The Dr. Oz Show and how he is personally committed to “chasing a cure for Charlie.”

The film discusses great artists who have suffered from bipolar disorder. Are there artists you admire who suffer from the disorder?
I had Charlie Sheen on the show today.

And does he suffer from bipolar disorder, in your opinion?

Not diagnosed, but he has manic episodes. There is a mania to what he does. And I actually connected him to a world expert psychiatrist in bipolar and they are talking. He’s going to see a psychiatrist named Dr. [Shahla] Modir. He just came for the day, and we [filmed] it. He’s actually making inroads. He was very resistant to this possibility. The fact of the matter is, if he doesn’t banish this, he’s going to keep making the same mistakes he’s been making. He’s chasing a cure for HIV, and I’m chasing a cure for Charlie. This kind of movie, Touched with Fire, is a very worthwhile experience for him because you realize how possessed – he uses the word “possessed” – how possessed you get. But in reality, it’s much deeper than that.

Is he sad about the things that have happened in his life because of these possibly manic episodes?
Yeah, we talked about the kids. He’s made mistakes that have changed his life. But if you deal with whatever is happening in your head, you’re a better father, a better husband, you’re better in your work and you’re happier in your coping skills. And that is what he’s struggling with right now.

Why has he opened up to you?
I think he trusted that I won’t take advantage of him. I’ve gotten to know him a lot better. I’ve known I’ve known Charlie for many years. He originally called me about a health issue for someone else in his family. And the day he made his announcement about being HIV-positive, I met with him. I think he knew that the announcement that he was HIV-positive was just the first step. If you’re going to make something of your life, you’re going to have to grow from that. That’s not the last chapter, it’s the first chapter to fix his life. Coming clean was important to him because it was a cathartic event. But there is a lot more, once you cleanse yourself, you have got to rebuild yourself. And I’m proud of him. He’s been sober now since that day. Now he’s dealing better. So, you’ve got to be sober, you have to get off the drugs and tell me the truth.

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But, he’s done some terrible things to people, for whatever reason.

He knows that he’s done terrible things. And I pushed him about that on today’s show. And he said, “Sometimes I feel possessed.”

And he has other a number of other issues as well
Sex addict, gambling, sex, rage and drugs and alcohol.

And is he seeing good people?
Yes, and it’s been a complete 180-degree change. He’s not out of the woods yet, but it’s a very different experience than it would have been six months ago. He went through a dark period, and it has helped him get going.

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