Which one of the period piece's stars has (gasp!) never used an emoji?


Their on-screen alter egos may just be getting accustomed to telephones (“Is this an instrument of torture?” as Dame Maggie Smith‘s Dowager Countess would say), but the real-life cast of Downton Abbey is fluent in emoji.

During a visit to PEOPLE Now, Downton cast members Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary Crawley), Allen Leech (Tom Branson) and Kevin Doyle (Joseph Molesley) shared the last emojis they used – and even did facial interpretations of the text standbys.

Dockery and Leech proved their time in the ’20s hasn’t left them out of touch with the rest of us – her most recent emoji is the smiling-too-wide grin, and his is the favorite laughing-while-crying emoji.

But Leech is ready to switch things up, saying his emoji of choice is “overused” and pleading with the avatars’ creator: “Come up with a new one, emoji man!”

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Doyle, however, is still stuck in the past: He admitted he’s never used an emoji!

“You haven’t lived!” Dockery exclaimed in faux-horror.

Classic Molesley, am I right?

Downton Abbey airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on PBS Masterpiece.