Dove Cameron Posts Singing Video After Emotional Instagram Message: 'Studio Time Is Healing Time'

The actress detailed some of the personal struggles she's facing on Instagram earlier this week

Dove Cameron is taking time to heal.

The "Boyfriend" singer, 26, shared a glimpse into her studio time on TikTok Thursday night as she continues to record new music.

As the short clip starts, fans see a close-up of Cameron wearing a headset and beginning to vocalize. The camera then pans to a friend who jokes with the Descendents star that she has an "NPR voice on."

She then shares a shot of someone working at a computer appearing to mix an audio track.

"Studio time is healing time," the actress captioned the video.

The video follows an emotion-filled day as Cameron attended The Cameron Boyce Foundation's Inaugural Cam for a Cause Gala on Wednesday in honor of her late friend and costar. Boyce died at age 20 in July 2019 after suffering a seizure in his sleep due to epilepsy.

Cameron opened up to PEOPLE about the actor's lasting impact on her life while at the event.

"I think that Cam was the most alive person I've ever known," she told PEOPLE exclusively. "I think that in that, he has inspired me to be more alive, he has inspired me to be more human, more deeply feeling."

"And I think that's one of his legacies, he touched people in that way," she continued. "In a way that I don't know anybody else has. And also of course, wielding peace for all of the world."

Dove Cameron attends the Cameron Boyce Foundation's Cam For A Cause Inaugural Gala
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Cameron said it was "highly emotional" to attend the event, which was organized in support of the Cameron Boyce Foundation's mission of curing epilepsy through funding research, education and awareness.

After the event, Cameron shared a moving post on Instagram detailing her struggles with "the concept of self, my inner relationship to who i know myself to be and my outer perceivable self who i feel i have never known but other people seem to."

"I've been covering mirrors lately," she wrote alongside a series of mirror selfies with tears in her eyes. "I've been feeling wrong in clothing that used to make me feel beautiful lately. i've been crying a lot lately, sometimes terrorized by my identity and image, sometimes in absolute flow with something new and peripheral and joyous to me."

The Liv and Maddie alum, who identifies as queer, also shared, "sexuality and performative gender norms, societal rewards and identity are really throwing me for a loop."

"What i am choosing to say is i am in process, im investigating, i'm struggling more than half of the time and i'm trying to maintain a quiet non judgmental curiosity rather than punish myself for not knowing what i'm feeling or where i'm going," she continued.

She ended on a somewhat hopeful note that echoed the lesson about "being human" she told PEOPLE she had taken away since the death of Boyce.

"I am beginning to have a hope that the public platform that has been difficult for me to learn to take up space as myself in, can actually be the conduit for change/mutual support/exploration/safety. there is room for us to talk about the things that terrify us/can't be commoditized on a large scale, that can't be commercialized and easily sound-bitten," she wrote. "maybe the spaces that are the least human can become the most human, if we want that, and we can all let each other take up a little more space. i love you."

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