Dove Cameron Confirms Split from Thomas Doherty After Nearly 4 Years Together

Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty began dating after meeting on the set of Descendents 2 in late 2016

Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty
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Following rumors of a split, Dove Cameron has confirmed that she and Thomas Doherty are no longer dating.

In statements posted to both Twitter and Instagram, the actress, 24, shared that the pair split in October after nearly four years of dating.

"Hi all," she began on her Instagram Story. "We know there have been some rumors and confusion lately about the status of our relationship and we wanted to set the record straight."

Cameron continued, "In October, Thomas and I decided to part ways. The decision was incredibly difficult, but we still have love for each other, and will remain friends. Thank you for allowing us our privacy in this time."

Dove Cameron announces split
Dove Cameron/Instagram

In April, Cameron told PeopleTV she and Doherty, 25, had recently moved into a studio together and were navigating spending so much time together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"Even the healthiest of relationships right now, you need space, you need your alone time for your own relationship with yourself to flourish, but then also for your romantic relationship," she said. "We make sure to go get fresh air and open the doors as much as we can. We've been cooking loads."

Doherty, who is currently filming for HBO Max's Gossip Girl reboot, previously told PEOPLE that he sparked romance in his relationship with Cameron with "surprises — big or small."

"I think that keeps it fun and alive," he shared in February. "Just like little things, every day."

Cameron previously confirmed to PEOPLE that she was dating Doherty in February 2017, after they met on the set of Descendants 2 in late 2016.

The actress was previously engaged to Ryan McCartan after they dated for three years before he popped the question in April 2016. They ended their relationship less than six months later.

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