Dorinda Medley Addresses Jill Zarin's 'Hurtful' Comments About Her Drinking: 'She's Very Salacious'

The former Real Housewives of New York City star accused Medley of having a drinking problem but Medley shut her down, saying her words are "only hurtful if you care"

Dorinda Medley is setting the record straight.

On the reality star's SiriusXM show Make It Nice With Dorinda Medley, a listener called in to ask Medley, 57, about the boiling drama between her and her former Real Housewives of New York City castmate.

The listener said she'd seen Jill Zarin on Watch What Happens Live, and that she "didn't really care" for Zarin's curt tone or for saying "Dorinda's drinking and there's a problem." She then asked for Medley's take on the situation.

"I think she's very salacious," Medley replied. She called Zarin a friend, but clarified "we're not like best of friends," but more like "acquaintances."

"She likes a lot of attention," Medley continued before noting how Zarin, 58, hasn't been on RHONY "for a long time."

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"This is new for her, and this is her moment," Medley said. "And I think she's having a great moment and she should take it, because it's been a long time for her. You don't know how long it's gonna last, so she should just go for it."

"Even Brandi said on Watch What Happens Live the other night, she's thirsty," Medley said. "Tamra said it. She's thirsty. So go for it. That's what I say. Go for it."

The caller insisted Zarin's comments were "hurtful", but Medley disagreed. "Things are only hurtful in life when you care," she explained. "My mother always says something: 'consider the source' ... So I think people should say whatever they want. Just because you say it doesn't mean it's true. And how about this? Who cares?"

She went on to say that if the comments "meant something to me, they would bother me."

"If you notice something, Mary," the reality star continued, addressing the caller by her name, "I never say a bad word about anyone in my interviews."

Dorinda Medley
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Medley said she "plays hard" during the season in order to make good television, but acknowledged that the key to "these shows is that it's conflict and resolution."

She went on to mention their arc in the second season of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. There was drama between the two after Medley — who hosted this season's cast of women at her Berkshires estate, Blue Stone Manor — called Zarin "thirsty" for the spotlight. However, by episode six, the women were shown bonding, as Medley pointed out.

"I mean, she's written to me a couple times," Medley revealed. "We all left in a great note. So whatever was happening, I haven't seen Jill. I haven't even really spoken to her since the show ended."

"So whatever's going on with her, I think is, maybe a bit of shadow boxing, but that's good," Medley added, repeating her earlier sentiments for Zarin to "go for it."

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Just two weeks ago, Zarin had her own perspective to share about her friendship with Medley.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the RHONY alum said she believed a potential reunion with Medley on the forthcoming RHONY: Legacy series "could be very ugly" if they were both asked to be part of the show. (The upcoming series will feature some of the most beloved New York Housewives.)

"What did you just see for a week? Could you imagine that for four months?" Zarin said, referencing their time on Ultimate Girls Trip.

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Zarin also took the opportunity to "set the record straight," explaining that she's "hungry" — not "thirsty."

"I am hungry for success; I am ambitious and I am driven. I think thirsty is a mean word to say about somebody that they're jealous of, as wanting something that they want, too. So, I think someone calls someone thirsty when they themselves are thirsty and throwing it on someone else," she said.

Make It Nice with Dorinda Medley will air Thursdays at 11 a.m. ET on SiriusXM's Radio Andy (ch. 102) and on the SXM App.

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