'Don't Trust the B–––– in Apt. 23' : Three Reasons to Watch

Krysten Ritter, Dreama Walker and James Van Der Beek star in the totally twisted sitcom, premiering Wednesday

Photo: Bob D'Amico/Abc

The premise (small-town girl starts a new life in New York City, hijinks ensue) has been done before – but it’s never been this twisted.

Don’t Trust the B–––– in Apt. 23, premiering Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. on ABC, features June (Dreama Walker), who moves to the Big Apple only to lose her job, her apartment and her fiancé. The naïve new girl finds a room with Chloe (yes, she’s the titular B), played by Krysten Ritter, and a tenuous friendship with her best pal, James Van Der Beek, playing a smarmy, crass version of himself – to hilarious results.

Here are three reasons to watch:

1. The inside jokes.
If you know your Varsity Blues from your Dawson’s Creek, you’ll enjoy the snide comments and sly in-jokes the show provides at the expense (and with the permission) of James Van Der Beek.

“I love the ego assassination that comes with it,” the actor recently told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s just so healthy and so good for me.”

2. The bad girl behavior.
You think it can’t get worse – and then it does. From stealing June’s rent money to sleeping with her fiancé – on her birthday cake – Chloe is a nightmare of a roommate.

Alas, “it’s delicious to play a b––––,” Ritter tells PEOPLE. “She’s literally the worst human being on the planet.”

3. It has heart – but just a little.
You cheer when June finally grows a backbone – only to see her victory backfire in her face.

“It’s like two steps forward, three steps back kind of thing,” explains Walker. “June and Chloe will get really close and things will be great and then Chloe will do something absolutely horrific.”

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