Kim Zolciak-Biermann Encounters 'Stripper Scent' Skincare, a Tiny Pig and a Trip to Montana on 'Don't Be Tardy'

Don't Be Tardy returns Sept. 14 on Bravo

Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty

A lot has happened since we left the Biermann household in season 4 of Don’t Be Tardy.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars until she suffered a mini stroke and underwent heart surgery. She’s since recovered, returned to the ballroom and, according to PEOPLE’s exclusive season 5 supertease, her life is back to its hilariously chaotic ways.

The mom of six and wife to NFL star Kroy Biermann is finally launching her “dream” project – a skincare line called Kashmere. This season shows the behind-the-scenes process of developing it and the hard decisions she faces, like deciding between going with a “lemony, clean scent” or a “stripper scent.”

As for her hubby, he’s in between football seasons and under the mercy of another NFL draft, while daughters Brielle and Ariana debate their preferred cities. Brielle is game for moving to California or Florida, but Ariana is less enthusiastic: “Do you know how many old people live in Tampa?”

In the meantime the crew goes back to Kroy’s roots visiting his hometown in Montana. And while Kim’s signature song “Don’t Be Tardy” may have started out with country roots, she’s not such a country girl at heart saying, “If they don’t get a Starbucks here, we’re not coming back.”

Back home in Atlanta, there are pigs running loose in the house, chef Tracey Bloom causing a stir in the kitchen and lots of the family’s lovable commotion. As one of her sons puts it: “There’s too much chaos in your house, mother!”

But it’s all not quite enough for Kim, who’s trying to convince Kroy to try for another baby.

“We have six kids,” he says, “you want another one?”

Don’t Be Tardy returns Sept. 14 at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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