By People Staff
Updated November 26, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC

The dining table at the Osmond family Thanksgiving feast will have all the fixings — turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and a mirrored disco ball trophy.

“It will be a nice little centerpiece,” Donny Osmond, 51, joked Wednesday, just 24 hours after he and partner Kym Johnson won Season Nine of Dancing with the Stars.

Though it had been a busy few days for the oldest contestant to win the mirrored trophy, it was business as usual Wednesday in Las Vegas at his show, Donny and Marie.

Ribbing his sister, Marie Osmond, also a former Dancing contestant, the former teen idol brought out the trophy during the opening number of their show at the Flamingo Hotel and asked the audience, “Do I even let her touch this?” The sold out crowd, as expected, cheered loudly and clapped.

The trophy stood on a piano during a large portion of the show before Marie, who finished third in her season, had it sent backstage.

“Could my brother be more obnoxious,” she joked. “I told him that he better win, but let’s see him do it in 6-inch heels. But I am extremely proud of him. He worked so hard for it.”

With all that work, Osmond said he lost 20 lbs during his time on the show. But as good as winning feels, it hurts just as bad, Osmond said. “Everything hurts. There are muscles I didn’t know I had that hurt.”

In the end, though, it was all about his partner. “You got to know the dynamics backstage amongst all the professionals to appreciate it, but everyone was rooting for (Johnson). It was her year.” — Mark Gray

Adam Larkey/ABC