Donald Trump Says Alec Baldwin's 'SNL' Portrayal of Him Is 'Inaccurate': 'I'm Not Mean and Nasty'

"I think I'm a much nicer guy than he's portraying," Trump told Extra

Donald Trump believes that Alec Baldwin‘s portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live is “inaccurate.”

Just weeks shy of the Nov. 8 election, the GOP presidential nominee told Extra that he thinks the live NBC sketch series is portraying him to be meaner than he is.

“I think I’m a much nicer guy than he’s portraying. He’s portraying somebody who’s very mean and nasty and I’m not mean and nasty. I think I’m a much nicer person than he’s portraying, and so I think it’s an inaccurate portrayal of me,” Trump, 70, said.

Asked if he would ever return to the comedy series, which is now in season 42, Trump said he would deny the offer — and claimed that NBC wants him to return to the show.

“They want me to go back. No, I’m not interested in going back,” Trump continued. “I’d just like to have it — look, I can speak my mind. I think they’re making me out to be a very mean, bad kind of a guy and that’s not me.”

Like Trump, Alec’s brother Stephen Baldwin also doesn’t think the portrayal is funny. “I don’t want to be party pooper here, but I don’t think it’s very funny. I don’t think there’s anything funny about this election,” Stephen, who is a Trump supporter, told CBS News. “I think it’s very serious, very important. Young people, millennials, undecided voters — everybody’s got 20 days now to really start to do their homework and figure out who they think is gonna lead this country in the direction it needs to be, back on its feet economically.”

And in the wake of the leaked Access Hollywood tape on Oct. 7 that showed Trump making lewd comments about women during a 2005 interview with then-host Billy Bush, the former Apprentice star — who has not spoken to Bush since the leak — said that it’s unfortunate that the former Today anchor lost his job because of backlash received in result of the audio.

“I’ve always liked Billy,” Trump told Extra. “I think it’s too bad what they did, but I’ve always found Billy to be a good guy.”

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