November 08, 2015 10:35 AM

With Donald Trump hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, the series was able to turn what was probably a long-running writer’s room fantasy into reality: What if Trump “live-tweeted” a sketch?

The Republican presidential candidate, known for his candid and occasionally off-color tweeting at just about everyone, sat off-stage through a generic sketch about young lovers at an Italian restaurant owned by a feuding couple.

He “tweeted” thoughts such as: “Cecily Strong is not a nice person” and “This sketch is not funny. @TaranKillam is a dumb loser.”

From left: Kate McKinnon and Kenan Thompson in a Saturday Night Live sketch "live-tweeted" by Donald Trmp

When Kenan Thompson appeared as the cook, Trump’s tweets became more ridiculous, in a self-aware nod to his earlier opinions about the veracity of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

(“Sorry folks, but add a ‘y’ to ‘Kenan’ and you get ‘Kenyan.’ “)

The cast caught on quick, enough that Vanessa Bayer didn’t even want to appear at the end, for fear of what Trump might tweet.

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It all came to a halt when fellow cast member Leslie Jones walked onto the set to clue them all in. But Trump made a classic mistake when he responded to Jones’ praise with, “Thanks Leslie. And I love the blacks.”

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