Ouch! Donald Trump Gets the 'South Park' Treatment in Vicious Satire of His Immigration Beliefs

A controversial South Park episode shows a cartoon Donald Trump being sexually assaulted


South Park is notorious for its obscene comedy and attacks on almost every celebrity imaginable. In a controversial episode on Wednesday, the animated series set its sights on a certain presidential hopeful: Donald Trump.

In “Where My Country Gone,” the satirical cartoon portrays Trump – who was portrayed as Canadian – being brutally sexually assaulted and killed by Mr. Garrison, the resident “Trump” of South Park who launches a political campaign against undocumented Canadian immigrants.

The 22-minute cartoon – created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone – mocks Trump’s immigration policies and his promise to build a wall between Mexico and the US. Garrison uses the slogan “Where My Country Gone” – seemingly a reference to Trump’s “Make American Great Again” motto.

The episode follows Garrison’s political career, with his campaign a clear parody of Trump’s, featuring controversial statements, radical policies and a massive following.

The writers even poke fun at Caitlyn Jenner in the episode, showcasing her as Garrison’s running mate and her involvement in a deadly car accident. But the most shocking (and graphic) scene came in the episode’s final minutes, when Garrison is seen attacking Trump, who is portrayed as the “Canadian president,” and assaulting him.

The real Trump, known never to back down from a challenge, has yet to comment on the shocking episode, but some Twitter uses have applauded the episode for tackling social issues.

“Ever since #SouthPark writers turned the show into one fluid storyline their social commentary on current affairs been incredible,” one user wrote.

The show has, for the most part, steered clear of Trump jokes, with the exception of a brief Trump appearance in 2001. But it seems South Park fans have taken a liking to “Canadian Donald Trump,” with some sharing gifs and photos of the character on Twitter.

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