Donald Trump Dances (and Raps!) to 'Hotline Bling' on 'Saturday Night Live'

He even sang a bit, too


Donald Trump danced to “Hotline Bling” while hostingSaturday Night Live this weekend. More specifically: He danced while dressed as your tax guy.

He rapped a bit, too.

See, SNL‘s send-up of the video for Drake‘s hit song – and all the joke-worthy dance moves it entails – had the rapper himself (played by Jay Pharoah) rapping back at his haters.

Sample line: “I know you make fun of my dance moves/Turn me into memes and GIFs/But I’m proud of my dance moves/’Cause lots of people dance like this.”

And further in Drake’s defense, the SNL video trotted out several kinds of people who love his dancing. Like dads, physics teachers who are chaperoning homecoming and Ed Grimley.

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And there was Trump, 69, wearing tax guy-worthy spectacles and getting his hands all tangled up in his tie.

Your move, hot teacher.

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