Amber Tamblyn Performs 'I Wanna Sex You Up' on 'Lip Sync Battle ' – While Dressed as Donald Trump

Amber Tamblyn has been outspoken in her criticism of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump

Amber Tamblyn is about to make America great again — America Ferrera, that is.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants costars are set to go head-to-head on this week’s Lip Sync Battle, and Tamblyn is about to become the latest celebrity to take on a Donald Trump impression.

In a sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode, Tamblyn, 33, performs a rendition of Color Me Badd’s “I Wanna Sex You Up” — while decked out in a suit, red tie, swooping blonde wig and one very orange spray tan.

The actress gyrates her hips back and forth against her opponent Ferrera, who is sitting on stage in a red gown in front of “I [Love] Hispanics” and “Make America Great Again” signs. A woman dressed up as the GOP nominee’s wife Melania can also be seen wandering around dazedly in the background.

The impression is particularly noteworthy considering Tamblyn’s recent history speaking out against Trump. Earlier this month, the night of the second presidential debate, the actress opened up about her firsthand encounter with sexual assault after the leak of a 2005 tape which exposed Trump making lewd and graphic comments about women.

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Tamblyn shared her story on Instagram in a lengthy caption alongside a photo of the 70-year-old business mogul planting a kiss on Miss Universe 2012 winner Olivia Culpo, revealing that once while enjoying a concert in Hollywood with friends, her ex-boyfriend showed up and sexually assaulted her.

“He’s a big guy, taller than me,” Tamblyn wrote. “The minute he saw me, he picked me up with one hand by my hair and with his other hand, he grabbed me under my skirt by my vagina — my p—-? — and lifted me up off the floor, literally, and carried me, like something he owned, like a piece of trash, out of the club. His fingers were practically inside of me, his other hand wrapped tightly around my hair. I screamed and kicked and cried.”

“That part of my body, which the current Presidential Nominee of the United States Donald Trump recently described as something he’d like to grab a woman by, was bruised from my ex-boyfriend’s violence for at least the next week,” she continued.

Although Tamblyn admitted that she was afraid for her parents to find out about her story, she felt it was necessary to share.

“You understand, don’t you? I needed to tell a story,” she wrote. “Enjoy the debates tonight.”

Tamblyn and Ferrera’s Lip Sync Battle airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Spike TV.

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