CNN's Don Lemon resolved to be "open to a relationship" in 2017, and it looks like his New Year's resolution stuck
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Credit: CNN

Sometimes New Year’s resolutions really do stick.

Last year, CNN anchor Don Lemon memorably rang in 2017 live on air in a New Orleans bar alongside fellow anchor Brooke Baldwin.

After midnight — and after throwing back a few cocktails — Lemon got candid about his hopes for the coming year.

“I need a little bit more balance in work/life,” he said. “I may be open to a relationship this year.”

Fast-forward one year, and that relationship indeed materialized — and the 51-year-old publicly sealed it with a kiss.

“I found love,” Lemon told Baldwin before breaking into an impromptu ditty as the pair once again rang in the New Year in the Big Easy.

Later, Lemon invited his boyfriend Tim Malone on camera, where the pair shared a sweet New Year’s kiss.

“I love you, baby,” Lemon said before leaning in for the smooch. “Happy New Year.”

Although Lemon presented himself as single last New Year’s, there is some evidence that a romance between the two was already brewing. Lemon said his now-boyfriend was in the bar last New Year’s, where Baldwin met him for the first time. But when social media took that to mean that they met at the bar last year, Lemon took to Twitter to set the record straight.

“We did not meet at the bar. He was with me at the bar. We met in New York,” he said, later adding, “I don’t care where you meet. If you’re happy you’re happy.”

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Lemon wasn’t the only member of the CNN family making a splash on New Year’s.

Reporter Randi Kaye held a lit joint while reporting on marijuana-themed festivities in Colorado (where pot is very much legal). Although she was never seen taking a puff herself, Kaye held the joint at a “puff, pass and paint” party in Denver.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she also showed hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen back in New York a gas mask bong revelers were using on the aptly named Cannibus.