Dog the Bounty Hunter Reveals Wife Beth Chapman Is Cancer Free

During a two-hour special on A&E Monday night, Dog the Bounty Hunter received good news about his wife, Beth Chapman's, cancer prognosis

Dog the Bounty Hunter has revealed some good news about his wife Beth Chapman‘s cancer prognosis.

During a two-hour special Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives on A&E Monday night, Dog received a life-changing phone call — a pathology report that said his wife showed no signs of cancer.

Speaking on camera, the reality star – whose real name is Duane Chapman – said, “If you love me, Lord, you’ll let me die first. Don’t let me bury Bethy.”

Turning toward his family and his wife, Dog delivered the good news, “Hello, attention. No cancer.”

“There is a God. This could be a miracle. This could be a healing,” he said on camera. “[The doctor] said if I wasn’t such a good husband it wouldn’t have worked out that great. Oh, I can breathe. Beth Chapman, you did it.”

Earlier this year, Beth was diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer. The prognosis was hard to hear. “As I start this battle, I don’t see a lot of optimism,” Beth says in the A&E special. “They give me 50/50 chances.”

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Dog told PEOPLE recently that he was ready to stand by his wife no matter what.

“When we made a pledge many years ago,” Dog, 64, told PEOPLE. “I said I’d love her in sickness and in health until death do us part. And that truth has really, really come alive in my mind. And I have to stand on that; I gave her an oath that I would love her forever. And thank God it’s not till death do us part at this point.”

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Beth underwent surgery to remove the tumor from her throat, but the recovery was tough. Dog and Beth told PEOPLE that they were making it through the dark time together.

“I take it one day at a time,” Beth said. “And I believe in the power of prayer.”

Dog added, “She’s very tough, and she can beat this.”

The Chapmans said they hope their journey has helped fans receive one central message.

“Early detection is key,” Beth said. “I probably had the scratchy throat for a year. When something feels wrong, you need to get it checked immediately. That’s the lesson here. Also, everyone needs to pay attention to what you put in your body. Your diet is so important.”

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