Duane Chapman proved that he and Moon Angell are nothing more than friends

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman only has love for one woman: his late wife Beth Chapman.

After a teaser clip from Dog’s appearance on The Dr. Oz Show seemingly showed him proposing to his longtime friend Moon Angell, Monday’s full episode confirmed that the two are not actually engaged.

To prove that their relationship is nothing more than a friendship, Dog proposed to Angell on the show, knowing she would reject him.

“I think this will put a stop to a lot of this,” he said. “Moon Angell will you marry me?”

Looking at him in shock, Angell replied, “What? No. We’re friends, Duane. I love you as a friend.”

“I know, but I want everyone else to know,” he said.

Dog, 67, didn’t say whether he would ever propose if their relationship turned romantic. Angell, however, steadfastly denied that their connection is anything but platonic.

“I think he’s an amazing human being, but I’ve known him before he was famous,” she said. “To me, he will always be my best friend. I don’t see myself thinking past that.”

Dog called Angell his “dearest friend” and said his world is “brighter” with her in it.

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Moon Angell and Duane Chapman
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“Beth was my best friend,” Angell said. “Duane is my best friend. I’m not crossing that line.”

But Dog said Angell has become an important person in his life, helping him overcome suicidal thoughts after Beth’s death.

“Well, I couldn’t stop crying,” he said. “I’m Apache, I wasn’t going to commit suicide with a gun or something. I was going to take a lot of pills because she left — Beth left all her big pills there. So I thought, I just need one drink a water.”

“You were going to commit suicide?” Dr. Mehmet Oz asked.

“Oh, yeah,” he confirmed while holding back tears.

The Dog’s Most Wanted reality star said he has Angell to thank for changing his mind.

“I say ‘brutally honest,’” Angell said, which got a laugh out of Dog. “I don’t go in and out. It’s one way. And this is the way we’re going to do it. He needs to get going. We need to get back on the show and get him busy again.”

A source previously told PEOPLE that Dog and Angell are not in a romantic relationship.

“Moon has been a family friend to Beth and Dog for years,” the source said. “Since Beth’s death, she has stepped in to help Dog in his time of need. There will never be another Beth.”

Dog and Angell’s relationship came under question after he posted an Instagram selfie of the two together earlier this month, leading many to believe they are a couple. Dog’s daughter Lyssa Chapman has been openly disapproved of their relationship.

But Dog himself told PEOPLE Now last summer that he’d promised Beth he wouldn’t get married again. (Beth, who was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer in September 2017, died on June 26 at the age of 51.)

Duane 'Dog' Chapman Reveals 'Dog’s Most Wanted’ Won't Be the Same Without Beth
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In another interview with PEOPLE Now in October, Dog also said he was wasn’t ready to date again.

“Not that I have, but you know, it’s not worth it,” he explained. “I don’t want to tell the whole story about my mom, my dad and my life and all that stuff again to a new person. Not yet.”

On Monday, Dog posted a behind-the-scenes photo of himself and Beth, snapped as the two were about to share a kiss.

“I sure miss you today!!” Dog wrote.