Does 'Grey's Anatomy' Need to Be Saved?


The Writers Guild of America may be striking — freezing production on television shows — but some Grey’s Anatomy fans are doing some writing of their own. Petition writing, that is.

In an online petition directed to ABC and Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes, fans are demanding “something to be done to fix the mess the show has become.” Disheartened by “dark and depressing” plotlines, the petition writers, who’ve collected more than 400 signatures, meticulously detail their problems with the show.

“The most affected would have to be Derek,” the petition reads. “In season 1, we were introduced to the perfect man. He was that guy that everyone wanted to find, everyone wanted to be with. Now he’s a shell of that man. The fans are wondering how someone who would always show up, someone who called Meredith the love of his life, who understood her and wanted a lifetime with her became the man he was on our screens January 10, 2008.”

The petition writers continue: “It has left us wondering where is McDreamy? And better yet, WHO is McDreamy? A question none of us should be asking four seasons into a show.”

Dismayed by what they feel is a disregard for the fans, petitioners more concisely explain the reason for their protest. “We want to know that we’re valued, that our feelings and opinions do matter to the who run the show,” they write. “We would like to stop feeling alienated and start to feel like they are actually writing for us.”

The question remains, of course: Is anybody at ABC listening?

A previous online petition that asked ABC to fire former cast member Isaiah Washington (for using a homophobic slur) gathered more than 21,000 signatures, which certainly proves that fans of Grey’s believe they can change the course the show.

But with less than 550 signatures currently, it seems fans may be less passionate about the issues outlined in the “Save GA” petition than they were about whether ABC should have kept Washington around. –Brian Orloff

Tell us: Do you agree with the petitioners? Will you add your signature to the petition?


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