DJ Pauly D and Aubrey O'Day's 'Famously Single' Love Story Started Out as a Triangle

Cast members revealed to PEOPLE that it took a while for sparks to fly between the Jersey Shore alum and the singer


They were Famously Single, now they’re famously coupled – but fans might not realize that Pauly "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio and Aubrey O’Day‘s love story was nearly a love triangle.

In a previously released sneak peek at the new E! series, Famously Single, the Jersey Shore alum, 35, and the dumblonde singer, 32, certainly didn’t feel butterflies in their stomachs upon first meeting each other. In fact, O’Day didn’t initially see much “substance” to her future boyfriend.

And cast members at an event for the show recently told PEOPLE that the DJ initially had his eye on another woman.

“I think more Pauly and Somaya [Reece] formed something day one when we were out having some fun, just enjoying themselves,” says Bachelorette alum Josh Murray, 31.

And the former Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star did hint that the girl talk sessions sometimes got a little awkward as O’Day and DelVecchio’s chemistry became stronger.

When asked if she clicked with any of the men in the house, Reece teased, “I’ll let you see that because it has a lot to do with my best friend [Aubrey] now.”

Just moments before, in talking about the connection between DelVecchio and O’Day, she told PEOPLE: “Aubrey’s a good friend of mine and we became really tight on the show so it was really nice to see people just connect as friends, as lovers, as a team.”

She added, “I mean they go through a lot of drama on the show in such a short period of time. I am totally all about love so I am rooting for them, and I feel like regardless of whatever anyone thinks, like, I was there – it’s real.”

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For his part, DelVecchio told PEOPLE of watching his love story unfold on screen: “It’s cool, it’s like a spoiler alert! [Now that people know we’re together,] they can watch it and watch how it actually happened.”

He also laughed about the unorthodox way his relationship developed under these circumstances. “Normally you’re supposed to move in later down the line, but we moved in immediately. And we were in therapy immediately,” he said. “It’s definitely backwards but it worked – we’re still here.”

Now, several months after filming, O’Day shares how the couple (who briefly broke up last month) are working to keep their relationship strong.

“We just make sure we’re always seeing each other. Whenever he comes to L.A. we just make time for each other,” she shared. “I was able to be with him on his Memorial Day run when he had a lot of gigs throughout the weekend, and it was really fun to see how many people show up for him and how talented he is, and how many people support his gigs.”

And DelVecchio revealed he’s sharing his passion with his new love – but, she says with a laugh: “I’m so bad at DJing!”

Famously Single premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on E!

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