FIRST LOOK: Discovery Delivers a Hardcore — and 'Hunger Games' -esque — New Series with 'The Wheel'

Six contestants will try to survive six different harsh locations for 60 days

Remember that scene in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire when all the competitors in the Quarter Quell realize that they’re inside a big clock?

The Discovery Channel is premiering a new show, The Wheel, that’s giving us serious Hunger Games vibes — only (hopefully!) with less death.

The show will feature six everyday people who have been dropped into six remote locations with nothing but a small survival kit and an SOS device. All alone, they will build a shelter, hunt for food and search for water.

So far, it’s like every other survival show on television, right? Wrong.

At any point during the 6o-day adventure, the participants can be plucked from their environment and dropped into an entirely new wilderness. They may go from a sweltering rainforest to a frozen tundra, or from a deserted tropical island to a remote mountain peak.

What the participants don’t know is that they’re on a figurative lunar wheel. With each phase of the moon, the wheel will turn and send each person to a new eco-zone. Viewers will know what’s coming, but the participants will be left obsessing over when the wheel will thrust them into a new harrowing domain.

While the Discovery Channel assures PEOPLE that there are no carnivorous monkeys or poisonous fog on the wheel, it’s safe to say that the locales will be harrowing for the participants. They won’t be competing against each other (don’t expect a bloodbath), but they’ll all be competing against The Wheel.

The six cast members aren’t hardcore survivalists like the cast of Naked and Afraid. Instead, they are ordinary people from all walks of life, including a model who runs marathons and a master plumber who survived thyroid cancer.

Will the survivalists have what it takes to endure the harsh terrains? The Wheel premieres Jan, 13 at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.

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