Naturalist Paul Rosolie hopes to draw attention to the massive snakes and their eco-systems

By Lynette Rice
Updated November 06, 2014 09:05 AM
Credit: Jason Elias/Discovery Communications

Discovery Channel has another high-wire act planned for viewers – but this time, the wire’s attached to a wildlife expert, so he won’t be totally digested.

On Dec. 7, the cable net that just featured Nik Wallenda walking a high wire over Chicago will show naturalist Paul Rosolie getting eaten alive by an anaconda.

The network hasn’t made any official announcement, but it began running promos during the Wallenda stunt to draw attention to its next extreme challenge.

Apparently, it’s Rosolie’s hope to draw attention to the massive snakes and a “unique ecosystem that no one has explored before.”

If this doesn’t do it, nothing will.

The promo shows Rosolie donning a special suit that, with any luck, will withstand any serious chomping or stomach acid or whatever may lurk deep inside an anaconda while the naturalist is being eaten alive.

“We’re gonna make me as appealing as possible just so the snake just goes, Well, I’ve got this big thing here. I might as well just get a free meal,” said Rosolie, the author of Mother of God: An Extraordinary Journey into the Uncharted Tributaries of the Western Amazon.

Take a look:

Entertainment Weekly reports that a similar man-getting-eaten-by-a-snake special was in the works at a broadcast network, but that one never made it to air.

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