'Ghost Lab' 's Brothers: Spirits Don't Know It's Halloween

Discovery Channel's paranormal investigators Brad and Barry Klinge explain why ghosts are a year-round phenomenon

Photo: Dicovery Channel

Halloween may honor ghosts and spirits, but the “living dead” themselves seem to prefer the dead of winter to the temperate fall, according to the Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab brothers Brad and Barry Klinge.

The San Antonio-based brothers founded Everyday Paranormal, an investigation team that finds evidence and tests new theories to probe the existence of afterlife. Ghost Lab, which airs Thursdays (10 p.m. ET) on Discovery, follows the team to haunted places across the country.

“Halloween is merely a date on the calendar and people are more in the mood to see ghosts,” Barry told PEOPLE during an interview at Hollywood’s apparently haunted Roosevelt Hotel. “But ghosts are 24 hours, seven days a week. We’ve actually done tests to see when activity is more frequent. The wintertime is more active for some reason. I think it’s because of the atmosphere – the cold.”

In fact, according to Brad, ghosts are unaware such a day in their honor exists. “I doubt they know what Halloween is,” he says. “I think it’s just a frame of mind. I think it’s just a preconceived notion that people are wanting to see more things on Halloween. I could see ghosts on Oct. 31. I could see ghosts on Aug. 31.”

Barry, who heard something “exercising, dancing or running around like crazy,” in the unoccupied hotel room directly above him Wednesday night, says there are certain things to look and listen for when it comes to inspecting haunted places.

“You’re going to hear unexplained things like doors slamming and footsteps,” he says. “You’ll feel cold spots. You’ll see things misplaced. What happens in a true haunting is you might have one thing and then rule it out. But when several things start happening over a period of time, you wonder if something is going on. It as to be a series of things.”

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