Did You Love the Return of Desperate Housewives?

Photo: Ron Tom/ABC

Desperate Housewives returned last night. Finally! After over three long months, the women of Wisteria Lane continued where they left off–tossing zingers, scheming and plotting. Gaby and a now-blind Carlos get hitched a second time. Post-tornado, cancer survivor Lynette is determined to find God, or at least a church to go to. (Turns out she’s partial to Catholicism after striking out with Bree’s Presbyterian church.) Susan is very pregnant and sharing her place with a hunky young cousin, Timmy (Chris Carmack). And wouldn’t you know, Katherine and cousin Timmy are familiar bedfellows–literally. Susan walks in on the two in bed, and later finds out a teenage Tim slept with Katherine 12 years ago before she fled Wisteria Lane. And it seems Tim may have seen Katherine off hubby No. 1. So, yep, it was another given Sunday on sunny Wisteria Lane.

Tell us: Did DH‘s return live up to the hype? What was your favorite storyline of the night? And from next week’s preview, are you excited Lynette’s old pizza paramour Rick is back?

Ron Tom/ABC

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