Spoiler alert! Michael Chiklis appeared in the series finale of the FX biker drama
Credit: Byron Cohen/FX; Bob Riha Jr/WireImage

Was Vic Mackey responsible for bringing Sons of Anarchy to an explosive end on Tuesday?

Not really, but The Shield star Michael Chiklis played a major role in killing off central character Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) in the final seconds of the motorcycle drama. Chiklis – who currently stars on FX’s American Horror Story – was the one driving the tractor-trailer that Hunnam collided with at the end of the seventh-season finale.

This was Chiklis’s second appearance on the series. He first showed up last week when his friendly character formed a quick connection with Gemma (Katey Sagal), even giving her a ride in his truck. So SoA Creator Kurt Sutter, who has paid homage to his former writing job on The Shield by inviting many alums to appear on the show over the years, figured out how to integrate Chiklis into the very end.

But it had to be just right, Sutter explained on FX’s last installment of Anarchy Afterward Tuesday.

“There were two characters from The Shield I felt would never be able to step into the world of Sons of Anarchy because they carried the weight of those performances with them,” Sutter explained. “One was Vic Mackey and the other was Shane Vendrell (Walton Goggins). I jokingly said to Walt at some point the only way you could do it was if you had tits and a wig. And that happened with him! [He played Venus Van Dam on the show]. Chiklis had a mandate that he refused to wear a dress.

“There was an opportunity to have someone drive that truck,” Sutter continued. “I love the callback, the irony of it being Chiklis who ultimately runs head-on into Jax Teller. It feels a little part like fate. The destiny of all these characters, that Jax intersects with Gemma, after she spent the time [with Chiklis] who took her somewhere. It all sort of came together. I thank Michael for coming to play with us.”

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