Kirke reveals whether her Girls costar and close friend asked permission to share the nude pic

By Jeffrey Slonim,@jeffreyjslo
Updated June 03, 2016 11:15 AM
Credit: Source: Lena Dunham/Instagram

Lena Dunham was making an statement when she posted a nude photo of herself and her costar Jemima Kirke – but did she ask permission?

“No,” Kirke told PEOPLE. “She knows I don’t mind. She just did it.”

Kirke, who revealed that her unborn son in the photo is now 3 years old, explained during cocktails at the Chanel fine jewelry dinner to celebrate treasures from the New York Public Library: “It was from Girls. It’s a scene from the show.”

She continued, “Jesse Peretz, the director, took it between takes, because I was pregnant, and we were hiding that – we were hiding the belly from the camera.”

Dunham, 30, and Kirke, 31, have been pals in real life since childhood, and Kirke says she didn’t feel uncomfortable hanging out with the Girls creator au naturel.

“I imagine it is the way models feel when they change backstage for a show,” she said. “They have no choice, it’s work. Do it. Get the f—ing outfit on.”

And yet Kirke stands behind Dunham and her use of the image to make a point. “It brings some attention, yes,” she pointed out. “The woman is allowed to use anything she wants of me. There is no need to ask, especially if it’s for something like that.”