The one-time American Idol guest judge has some strong opinions on the show
Credit: David Livingston/Getty

There are many people who will be sad to see American Idol go when it ends its run after its upcoming season, but songwriter Diane Warren isn’t one of them.

“Does anybody watch it?” Warren asked reporters on the red carpet at the Humane Society of the United States Los Angeles Benefit Gala on Saturday.

“Seriously? I don’t. I don’t think people watch it. I feel bad. It wasn’t about the talent after awhile. It was great when it started.”

Warren has a close connection to the show – many of her songs have been featured and she even served as a guest judge during the competition’s second season. She also worked with season 7 contestant Michael Johns before he passed away in August 2014.

“People are fatigued. When the judges go on there, they are trying to revitalize their careers if they’re not doing well. But it shouldn’t be about that,” Warren continued. “Then someone wins and we go, ‘Who is this artist?’ And then they’re gone. Record companies don’t know what to do with them.”

And Warren isn’t just picking on American Idol, she has similar feelings for NBC’s The Voice.

Says Warren: “What is it, ten seasons and no stars? Not one!”