'Desperate Houswives' : After the Storm

Photo: Ron Tom/ABC

When we last visited Wisteria Lane, a tornado had ripped through the picturesque community, leaving its housewives more desperate than ever. In a new episode that airs Sunday at 9 p.m. EST, we’ll see how life has changed in the storm’s wake. Who survived? How will the women cope? And who will be left alone? Here’s where they left off:

Lynette: Her family sought safe shelter in neighbor Mrs. McCluskey’s house but it was the hardest hit by the storm. Is her family alive beneath the rubble?

Susan: She gave husband Mike an ultimatum: head to rehab for his prescription drug addiction or lose her forever. Will he do the right thing? And how will it affect her pregnancy?

Gaby: Carlos was hit over the head with a piece of flying debris and Victor was impaled through the chest with a stake from a white picket fence. Did either of the men in her life survive?

Katherine: Will she forgive Adam for his affair with Sylvia, the obsessed ex whose lawsuit forced him and Katherine to flee Chicago? And what will th deranged Sylvia do next?

Bree: Has weathering the storm with Katherine — and learning her secret — allowed the women to bond? Or are they too stubborn to make peace?

Edie: After fighting over documents that would give them access to Carlos’s millions, she and Gaby made peace, waiting out the storm in her crawlspace. Did the tornado kill their feud?

Tell us: What are your predictions? –Jane Louise Boursaw

Photo: Ron Tom/ABC

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