Desperate Housewives: The Tornado Cliffhanger

Photo: Ron Tom/ABC

It takes the perfect storm–a tornado, no less–to uproot the messy affairs of a tidy neighborhood like Wisteria Lane, which happened last night on Desperate Housewives.

While the day started out peacefully enough, none of the housewives seem to emerge from the storm unscathed…a rundown:

It looks like DH will be looking for a new mayor after Victor gets a picket fence stake through the heart during his and Carlos‘ stormy battle. But then Carlos gets conked on the head, leaving us to wonder if Gaby’s ex is another victim of the storm…meanwhile Gaby and Edie make peace while waiting out the storm in Edie’s crawlspace. Lynette, Tom and the family take refuge in Mrs. McCluskey’s basement, along with her pal, Ida. But when Tom’s asthma kicks up, Lynette takes Ida’s cat upstairs, only to butt heads over it with Mrs. McCluskey. The two women end up outside looking for the cat. With the tornado right on top of them, they take refuge in the closest house, pulling a mattress over them in a bathtub.

Mike and Susan are still dealing with his drug addiction issue, which leads to a staircase tussle, and we know how those usually end: a pregnant Susan takes a tumble. Though Mike and Susan fans can breathe a sigh of relief that the baby is fine, there’s more trouble ahead for the newlyweds as Mike looks to be heading off to rehab.

The Hodge and Mayfair families are hunkered down at Bree and Orson‘s house, along with Adam’s stalker, Sylvia. Sylvia, it seems, was a lovesick former patient whose lawsuit forced Katherine and the family to uproot from Chicago, which was one of the secrets Katherine was harboring. The bigger secret: Sylvia wasn’t lying; she and Adam did have an affair.

As the storm subsides, the neighbors slowly come out of their homes and are shocked at the devastation. Especially Lynette, who screams when she sees Mrs. McCluskey’s house leveled–with her family somewhere in the rubble. And so ends the first part of the two-part storm-of-the-season episode.

Tell us: Which of the Wisteria Lane husbands–Tom or Carlos–don’t make it out alive? Are Adam and Katherine or Mike and Susan headed for divorce court? –Jane Boursaw

Photo: Ron Tom/ABC

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