By People Staff
Updated October 01, 2007 12:00 AM
Credit: Photo: Colin Knight/jpi

O.K., we’re hooked.

What exactly went down in that locked room new Wisteria Lane resident–actually, returning resident– Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany) and her hubby want to keep secret? What happened to her teenage daughter Dylan (Lyndsy Fonseca) that made the family flee all those years ago? And why did Katherine tell Adam (Nathan Fillion) that they “had no choice” but to return to the house?

Welcome to this season’s DH mystery, and, once again, we’re already intrigued! In fact, the fourth season is starting off to be a good one, from the Edie/Carlos/Gabby/Victor love quadrangle –yep, Edie survived the suicide attempt–and Susan’s pregnancy(!) to Lynette finally telling her friends and the pushy PTA mom that she has cancer and Bree and Orson’s madcap scheme to keep Danielle’s pregnancy a secret.

Sometimes it’s annoying that the show is considered a comedy when there’s so much drama afoot, but last night’s season opener also brought the funny. Marcia Cross is already on our Emmy short list for next year for her scene with the “retractable” BBQ fork, while Teri Hatcher was more than a little brilliant herself in accurately conveying how horrifying it must be to go to a gynecologist who also happens to be your new next-door-neighbor. And few shows could make a suicide attempt as comical as Nicollette Sheridan did. Thank goodness Edie lives to torture her neighbors another season. –Kimberly Potts

Tell us: What do you think about DH’s new season premiere? Do the ladies of Wisteria Lane have their groove back after a lackluster season or two? And how do you like those new neighbors–and what secret do you think they’re harboring?

Photo: Colin Knight/jpi