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May 06, 2008 12:00 AM

After starting work on the final episode of the current season, Desperate Housewives costar Andrea Bowen promises that fans can expect Wisteria Lane’s most startling plot development yet.

“We’re filming the season finale right now and I can just say that it’s probably–definitely–going to be the most shocking season finale that we’ve ever had,” Bowen, who plays Susan’s teen daughter Julie on the show, told PEOPLE.

Rumor has it that Nicollette Sheridan‘s character Edie may not survive the finale–she lived through a near-death cliffhanger last season but has been scarcely seen on recent episodes–but last week EW.com reported that she will make several appearances in the next season, suggesting that the temptress will survive to stir the pot again.

“There are so many rumors that surround the show–some of which are true, but most of them are false,” said Bowen. “I think that’s what keeps our show interesting. It keeps you watching. If we give it all away too quickly then viewers won’t be coming back.”

To that end, Bowen chose her words carefully, never directly addressing Sheridan or Edie’s status, which begs the question: even if Sheridan returns, will she be any more alive than DH‘s ever-present but still-D.O.A. narrator Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong)? –Scott HuverMichael Caulfield/WireImage

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