By People Staff
December 01, 2008 12:00 AM

In the aftermath of the big fire on Desperate Housewives, Susan was forced to cope with rekindled heartache when she finds out her friend is dating her ex while new drama sparked by the tragedy forces Lynette to make difficult decisions. But for a few of Wisteria Lane’s residents, the blaze had fringe benefits like the possibility that Carlos may regain his vision. — Carrie Bell

Bree Orson’s broken nose, sustained in the fire, turned him into a loud snorer. Bree asked him to have surgery to correct it but he couldn’t get an appointment for at least a month. Bree slept on the uncomfortable couch but begged him to get an outpatient procedure because she needed rest ahead of her book release and publicity tour. Orson refused, claiming he had an uncle who died on the table during a simple operation. “If we can’t share a bed, it is going to hurt the intimacy of our marriage,” Bree pleaded. He argued back: “My death will have the same effect.”

To get back in the bedroom, Orson dosed Bree’s cup of chamomile so she’d sleep through the noise, only to find out that she’d already taken a sleeping pill. He convinced her not to drink it, but left it on her bedside table. The pill did the trick but she overslept and was late for her morning cooking demo. In the mad dash to get her ready, Orson failed to stop her from drinking the tea and the meds made her loopy and ruined her cooking demonstration (watch a clip). To make up for it, Orson agreed to have the surgery.

Susan Katharine took cookies to Mike at the hospital but refused to kiss him because she hadn’t told Susan they were dating yet. When she (of course) ran into Susan (who was visiting Jackson) on her way out, she gave an excuse for being there instead of coming clean. Susan visited Mike and wondered who baked for him and he admitted they were made by a friend who wanted to tell Susan herself that they were dating herself.

Susan confided in Katharine about how upset she was to learn that he was dating a friend. She guessed it was Lisa Wallace who always wore something booby around Mike. Katherine played along and pleaded Lisa’s case. But Susan wasn’t having any of it and threatened to knock her teeth out with a pool cue. “She’s my friend,” Susan said. “She should have come to me and discussed it first. It’s sad when you can’t trust a friend. Maybe she wasn’t a friend to begin with.” Then, Susan bit into one of Katherine’s cooking and figured it out. Katherine chased her down the street apologizing, and ratted out Bree (who knew because of the sex tape). Bree defended her decision not to say anything, explaining that she thought it wasn’t her place and that Katharine should be the one to tell her. “You had a million chances to say something and you didn’t,” Susan said. “That’s the same as lying to my face.” Bree shot back: “You want honesty? … You’re not mad at me or Mike or Katharine. You’re mad at yourself for letting your marriage fall apart. Tell Mike how you feel or move on.”

Edie Questioning Dave, who wasn’t really a suspect because of his hero status, detectives told him arson caused the fire and that they found a body (Dave’s psychiatrist) that they couldn’t identify. As a thank you for saving him, Mike offered Dave free plumping for life but Dave suggested something else. “Ever since my brother died, I haven’t had a really good friend,” he said. “Do you think you could handle that job?” Feeling guilty about the innocent bystanders hurt or killed by his cover-up (or perhaps just concerned about carrying out revenge plan?), Dave was obsessively watching the news about the fire when Edie tried to make him feel better by pointing out that the police thought Porter was responsible. “I’ve known that kid since he was 6 and I’ve always thought he was trouble,” she said. “I’m a really good judge of character.”

Gabrielle Carlos got some good news from the doctor, who told him that removing a bone fragment might return his vision. Gabby was thrilled for her husband, but instantly felt pressure to regain her model looks. “He deserves to open his eyes to a wife who doesn’t tuck her boobs into her pants,” she complained to Susan, who said what everyone at home was thinking: “Most women would kill to look like you.” Gabby replied, “But I’m not most women. I was an international supermodel and that’s how Carlos remembers me.”

After committing to the challenge of losing weight, she found out the surgeon had a cancellation thus opening a spot for Carlos weeks earlier. Gabby told Carlos she was worried that she “had lost her luster” and that he’d be disappointed when he saw her again. He reassured her with a story about the night he decided to marry her and how it had nothing to do with her looks.

Lynnette Questioned by the police about Porter’s fight with Ann’s husband, Lynette lied about Porter threatening him. Back at home, she told Tom the truth and all the gory details, reminding him about Porter’s arsonist past (remember Rick’s restaurant?). She swore to protect her son even if he was responsible for setting the blaze that killed seven . First, she had to deal with Ann and handed her an envelope of cash to start a new life far away while her “son is going through all this.” When she dropped her off at the bus station, Ann told her that she really loved Porter. “He was very sweet to me,” she said. Lynette practically kicked her out of the car and told her, “When the baby comes, you don’t contact Porter. You can contact Tom or me and we will do what we can from a distance.” Ann then dropped a bomb of her own: “There’s no baby. Never was.”

Lynette caught Porter leaving desperate messages for Ann and confronted him about torching the club. “If you did, your father and I will stand behind you and try and find some way out of this nightmare. But if you lie to me and I find out later that you killed those , I will love you but I won’t believe in you. If I don’t believe in you, I can’t help you. We have to tell the truth from here on out.” Porter told her the truth, but when he asked her if she had any idea where his Mrs. Robinson was, she lied to him. And she wasn’t the only one fibbing. Dave went to the detectives and told them he saw Porter near the storage room at the bar.

Tell us: Is Ann lying now and was she lying about being pregnant? Do Katherine and Mike make a good couple? Does Susan have the right to be mad at Katherine?