Desperate Housewives Recap: Susan's Troubling Revelation

Once again, everyone on Wisteria Lane had something to hide — everyone but Susan that is. Trying to be empathetic, she told Dave that she was the one driving in the fatal accident she had with Mike years ago. While Carlos and Lynette had an awkward encounter, Gaby meddled in Lynette and Tom‘s marriage, while Bree thought it may be time to end hers and Andrew was there to help.

Bree After Orson gets whacked on the head trying to steal Rose’s knickknacks, the doctor told Bree that she could take her husband home from the hospital. “Really, that soon?” she asked, suspicious that he might be lying again. Bree decided she’d give Orson one last chance, but Andrew started researching divorce lawyers. At home, Orson’s head still hurt and he still didn’t tell Bree the truth about his injury. Bree told Andrew that Orson was lying and that she thought she wanted a divorce.

Gaby Gaby joined the gardening club but hated the fact that Edna made them work, so she recruited Tom to the group so they could overthrow the leader. It worked, except Tom was now meeting and chatting with all of the ladies of the neighborhood while Lynette went to work. The next day, Gaby saw Patty drop Tom off and he explained that he had car trouble, but later admitted he liked that Patty was interested in him because Lynette was always away. Not wanting Tom to cheat on Lynette, Gaby warned him that she started cheating when she — like Tom — felt invisible.

Lynette Coming home from work, Lynette told Tom she was too tired to have sex and that she had just used Carlos’s shower. Tom got angry and told her to stay out of his shower. But the next day, Carlos saw Lynette in her shower after he came to pick her up for a meeting and heard her slip. She begged Carlos not to tell Tom that he saw her naked but he told Gaby, and the whole story came out over dinner at the Solis’s house. The next day, Lynette apologized to Carlos and they agreed to never speak of the incident again.

Susan After Mike unsuccessfully tried to chat with Dave over Katherine’s lasagna, Susan decided to go over herself and offered to help him clean up. That’s when she noticed a gun in his kitchen. Susan took the gun, the kitchen knives and all of his belts and ties, thinking he might have been suicidal. Later, after getting pulled over by the cops, Susan decided to return Dave’s belts and ties. He slammed the door in her face, but Susan barged in anyway and apologized for ransacking his house. He told her about the fight he had with Edie the night she died, and how he blamed himself for her death. Susan said she knew how he felt and revealed that she was driving on the night she and Mike got into the accident. Of course, Susan didn’t know that it was the same accident that killed Dave’s wife and daughter. He hugged her, but there was hatred and revenge in his eyes. — Liz Berman

Tell us: What will Dave do to get revenge on Susan? Is this the end of Orson and Bree?

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