Desperate Housewives Recap: Revealing Hidden Agendas


This week we learned that every Housewife had a secret agenda — which seems to be the case every week on Desperate Housewives. But it was all lighthearted stuff leading into next week’s big episode in which Edie will say her final farewell to Wisteria Lane.

Gabrielle While Gaby complained about having to go to Brad’s funeral (apparently she’s not a fan of black, crying and funeral floral arrangements), she and Carlos went anyway. And it was a good thing they did. The CEO of Carlos’s company was there. He’d assumed Brad was about to promote Carlos, not fire him before his untimely demise, so he offered Carlos Brad’s job as president of the company. Gaby squealed, “We’re rich!”, but her excitement was quickly replaced by jealousy: Carlos hired an ex-girlfriend named Lucy Blackburn as his vice president. Gaby was not on board with this until Lucy showed up for dinner looking rather plump. Gaby’s jealously was appeased — until Carlos informed her Lucy has always looked that way, even when they dated. That’s when Gaby decided to enlist Lynette’s help. Lynette Lynette, who was having no luck landing a job, asked Gaby to put in a good word for her after hearing news of Carlos’s promotion. In the beginning, Gaby wasn’t willing to help her out, until she realized Lynette could spy for her on Carlos and Lucy. Lynette quickly figured out Gaby’s ulterior motive and used that to try and get a pay raise. After accusing each other of underhanded tricks, Gaby and Lynette realized that they still got what they wanted out of their arrangement.

Bree Bree continued dealing with Orson and his kleptomania. She kept finding stolen knickknacks throughout their house and laid them out on the dining room table. When Orson came home and asked, “What’s for dinner?” She quipped, “How about a confession?” He said it gave him a thrill to take things. She said he needed to go talk to a shrink. In the end, Orson went to the shrink and admitted that he steals because it’s the one thing Bree can’t control — and he loves that even more than the thrill of stealing.

Susan After learning she was about to get a teaching evaluation, Susan invited her boss Josie (Swoosie Kurtz) over for dinner to make a good impression. A couple of bottles of wine later, a clueless Susan put her hand on Josie’s knee and told her she was a catch after the two began lamenting about their love lives. Josie, who is a lesbian, took that as a sign and kissed Susan.

Susan turned to Lynette and Gaby for help, which led to the Gaby-Susan make-out session of the night. Gaby demonstrated two types of kisses on Susan to help her decipher Josie’s kiss. “Congratulations,” said Lynette. “You are now dating a lesbian.” The next day, Susan told Josie that she is not into women. Josie didn’t believe her. “You are tired of living a lie,” she said. You are worried there is a lesbian inside you trying to get out.” Susan laughed nervously and said, “Actually I am more worried about the lesbian on the outside trying to get in!”

Edie Edie continued discovering more about Dave. The man known as Dave Dash had a wife and a daughter, both of whom were killed in a car crash. It turns out that Mike was the person driving the car that hit his wife and daughter. Meanwhile Dave amped up his revenge plot by convincing Katherine to come on the camping trip with him and Mike. –Liz Berman

Tell us: Next week’s episode teases to Edie’s demise. How do you think Edie will be killed off?

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